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Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Best Tattoo Studio Auckland Takapuna New Zealand


Instagram: @fineline_tattoo      E-mail:

Specializing in a wide variety of tattoo styles, Coen Mitchell is well known for his intricate and perfect fineline work. With close to 10 years of tattooing experience all around the world, Coen has developed an in-depth understanding of line work-based tattooing, immense tattoo after care knowledge and is always available to offer advice on placement and sizing advice during your appointment.

Alongside larger scale work, Coen often does smaller fineline work tattoos and his up to date work can be viewed via his fineline tattooing Instagram - @fineline_tattoo

If you have an idea/s in mind, get in contact with Coen today to discuss your next fineline tattoo via email – or send him a Direct Message to his Instagram account - @fineline_tattoo

Coen offers a free consultation and touch up after your appointment if it is required.

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