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Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Best Tattoo Studio Auckland Takapuna New Zealand


Instagram: @thajazman           E-mail:

Introducing @thajazman 

Originally from the Manawatu (NZ), Jasmine gained a lot of freehand experience during her time working alongside artists in Melbourne (AU) and specialises in custom freehand tattoos with bold lines and bright colours. Her love for tattooing began in 2016 and alongside this passion Jasmine also immerses herself in a range of work which include festival coordination and scenography in Europe and NZ, hero prop painting for Hollywood films in Wellington, live performance mural work and roving body art.
Jasmine is currently based in Wellington at Calypso tattoo. 

For an appointment with Jasmine while she is guesting at @tattoogold_
Send her a DM or email

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