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Instagram: @italoholietattoo  E-mail:

Introducing @italoholietattoo

Olie is an artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil, with over 20 years of expertise in tattoos, graphic design, and street art. With accolades in Best of Event and Best Colour award categories, he’s also been commissioned by major brands.

Olie’s artistic journey took a transformative turn during his backpacking adventures in Asia and Australia, where he discovered a passion for black and grey, blackwork, and lettering tattoos. This revelation, stemming from his street art roots, fueled a deeper commitment to tattooing.

Recently opening his own studio in Tauranga, Olie specializes in medium to large-sized black and grey tattoos, lettering, and blackwork, pushing the boundaries of his craft. While he has a love for these styles, Olie remains open to exploring diverse artistic expressions. His art is a testament to the fusion of skill, experience, and passion for creating impactful, unique pieces.

For a booking with Olie during his 3 days at @tattoogold_
Please contact him directly via email where he will provide you with a free online consultation, discuss your ideas and provide you with his pricing and availability.

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