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Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Best tattoo Studio Auckland Takapuna New Zealand


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After Art Superior Tattoo Aftercare is 100% Kiwi owned!
Utilizing the natural anti-bacterial properties of Manuka and made using the best all-natural ingredients, After Art is packed full of vitamins A, C, E and Omega essential oils which nourish your newly tattooed skin and aid your body’s natural healing process.

Nothing Petroleum based, 100% Natural & Vegan. Tested in the field on people , not puppies.

Tattoo Gold Best tattoo studio Auckland Takapuna New Zealand

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a 100% organic, Vegan replacement for all petroleum based products used to prep skin before, as a tattoo lubricant during and to care for after the tattoo process. Made from mango, coconut, papaya and other shea butters, it brings tremendous amounts of benefits.


Experience faster tattoo healing, reduce scabbing and peeling, eliminate early tattoo damage and shear, and get effortless tattoo healing with zero mess, all while providing a waterproof barrier against irritants.

Tattoo Gold Best tattoo studio Auckland Takapuna New Zealand

PurSan Aftercare is a specially formulated Vegan skin cleanser used to clean and moisturize as part of an aftercare regimen for fresh tattoos and piercings.

It revitalizes, refreshes and purifies skin without drying it out. It is gentle yet effective, PurSan contains no parabens, fragrances, colorants or alcohol. It contains Chloroxylenol (PCMX) that will not burn or irritate the skin. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Hypromellose) is an ultra-high grade lubricant ideal for sensitive skin.

PurSan comes with an induction sealed flip-top cap that prevents cross contamination, and the 120ml bottle size is ideal for clients to take home and even keep in the shower.

PurSan is manufactured in Canada under aseptic cGMP guidelines, and strict Quality-assurance standards in compliance with Health Canada and FDA regulations.

PurKlenz antiseptic skin cleanser, PurTect tattoo cream and PurSan aftercare skin cleanser work together to Prepare, Protect & Preserve your Body Art.


Stencil Stuff® is a product designed for tattoo artists to help apply longer lasting stencils on the skin. It is a non-toxic lotion type gel that you rub on the skin before applying the stencil. Stencil Stuff® keeps that stencil from rubbing off so easily and it does not mess up the stencil if you need to reapply it to get it right. Also, most importantly, it’s a cleaner, safer way to apply tattoo stencils. It is used by thousands of tattoo artists every day. Tricks to using it: Shake the bottle, clean the area properly before applying the stencil, using Prep Stuff™ (Prep Stuff™ could also be used as a stencil remover just incase you want to reposition your tattoo stencil.) After a nice consistent rub down with Stencil Stuff® allow about 5-10 minutes to dry and you are good to go. It’s recommended to apply the stencil before setting up so it allows for some drying time. If it’s a small piece and you are not worried about it staying on for a long time, you could get away with just a few minutes of dry time.

Tattoo Gold Best tattoo studio Auckland takapuna New Zealand


Killer Ink is The tattoo supply company to go to! They have the best customer service and fast delivery.  Killer Ink has a wide range of supplies and sells all the premium brands.

Best tattoo studio in Auckland Takapuna New Zealand

Hush Anesthetic is an amazing numbing product for tattooing that will not have affect during the treatment. CBD Foam Soap: simultaneously disinfects and promotes long-term tattoo color retention with natural anti-inflammatory properties and essential fatty acids.

Hush Gel with Lidocaine: The original, developed specifically to numb skin and limit pain during tattoo sessions.

Hush Spray with Lidocaine: The perfect supplement for fast-acting relief during particularly painful tattoo sessions.

The collection is cruelty-free and vegan, and our all-natural CBD is ethically sourced and extracted by American hemp farmers in Kentucky.

Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Tattoo Gold tattoo studio
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
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