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Ace Alexander started tattooing more than a decade ago under a family business of 3 generations from Germany. Ace is a business owner himself and owns “White Rabbit ink” with his wife Lusi. Their tattoo studio retreat is situated in the heart of a forest surrounded by nature, animals and west coast beaches in the Waitakere ranges.

Ace enjoys focusing on unique forms of a tattooing style that involves Expressionist Blackwork with emphasis on dynamic movement with the body. Ace freehands most of his tattoos and tends to design his creations on the day of each appointment to enhance the collaborative experience with his clients which brings a unique and creative way of thinking to his all of his work. It’s all about being In the moment, trusting the process and magic will follow.

If you are after something truly unique, Ace is very experienced using organic matter such as real  plants from local nature to aid as a tattoo stencil which can be applied directly to the skin to create and permanently inked to a desired effect.

Alongside Ace’s unique expressionist and free flowing style, he also enjoys Surrealism, Fine Line, Abstract, Geometric and Watercolour style.

Ace will be working at Tattoo Gold twice a week or he can be found more regularly at White Rabbit Ink Tattoo Studio.