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Please see below the frequently asked questions - more information will be updated soon!


What time does the flash weekend start?

Saturday the 12th of November: 10am-12am
Sunday the 13th of November: 10am-7pm

How do I book an appointment?

You can't make an appointment prior to the event. This weekend will be first come first serve. We open our doors to the public at 10am, so we recommend parking and arriving early to ensure you are front of the line. That way you have more chance of choosing your preferred tattoo flash design :)

How old do I have to be for the flash weekend?

We have a strict No Minors policy, so strictly 18 years or older. Not only must you be 18, you will also have to provide identifcation at Tattoo Gold.

Please do not bring anyone under 18 years to the event, they will be asked to leave.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The price of a tattoo for the flash weekend will start from $100. Prior to the event we will post all the available flash designs on our instagram @tattoogold_ and each flash design price will be clearly displayed at the event. We will also post this on our website and we will send it to our subscribers. Subcribe to our email if you don't want to miss out!

How should I prepare for my tattoo?

We are CASH ONLY so please ensure you bring cash with you.

We recommend that you are well-rested, showered and have eaten before you come to your appointment.

Please do not drink or party the day/night before your appointment.
If you take any blood thinning medication, please inform us.
It's recommended that you moisturize your skin to make it easier for your artist.

Stay out of the sun at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment; your artist will not be able to tattoo flaky, sunburnt skin. Wear appropriate clothing depending on the placement of the tattoo and bring a hair tie if need be.

You may feel nervous prior to your appointment, and that is ok. The best thing to do is to relax and stay as calm as possible. Your artist will do their best to ensure you are comfortable and well looked after. If you feel they haven't during your time with us, please let us know.

Where are you located?

Tattoo Gold is located on 18 Barrys Point Road, 0622 Takapuna - Auckland, New Zealand.

Where can I park?

Unfortunately there will be no carparks available at our studio during this event. The nearest paid parking will be at Tournament Parking Como Street Carpark. Please be aware that this is a 9 minute walk to the studio. There will be more information for parking very soon!

Do you offer piercings?

No, sorry Tattoo Gold doesn't offer piercing service.

How do I take care of my fresh tattoo?

All of this information will be given to you at the end of your tattoo appointment by your artist.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept Cash on the day of your appointment unless arranged otherwise with your particular artist. We do not have Eftpos.

Do you sell aftercare or merchandise in store or online?

Yes! We do have a range of the worlds best natural, organic aftercare products available for purchase in the studio; prices vary depending on the product, so please visit us in store for this.
We do have a range of T-shirts currently available in the studio only as we are not operating our online store at the moment.

Who can I bring to my appointment for support?

You can bring family and friends! There is plenty of place outside, but we do have limited space inside, so during your tattoo please only bring 1-2 friends/family members as support.
Please don't bring your kids, as our tattoo studio/event is strictly 18+ only.
Our tattoo studio takes hygiene very serious for that reason pets are not allowed in Tattoo Gold. Thank you for understanding.

Who are the artists that will be attending the event?



What is a flash weekend and what can I expect?

Tattoo Gold will be open to the public Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of March 2022 and will have 10 Professional Tattoo Artists available on a first in first served basis (walk-in style).
We will not be taking any pre-tattoo appointment bookings.
We recommend arriving earlier than our opening time of 10 am each day to ensure you are in front of the queue and will be served first to have the first pick of your chosen flash design. Please understand due to limited time, we may not be able to tattoo everyone but we will do our best to ensure as many people will be tattooed as possible.
All of our artists will have pre-drawn "Flash" designs available to choose from ranging in sizes starting from $100. Most of these designs will be first in first served meaning if someone before you has the tattoo design done, you unfortunately will not be able to be copied.

Please remember this is strictly an 18+ event, We do not allow pets and Please bring CASH ONLY, we do not accept card or any other forms of payment.

When will I be able to see the flash designs?

One to two weeks prior to the event, we will release the design visuals online via our website, Instagram, and if you have subscribed to our email list, you will receive an email.

Will I be able to bring my own design?

Most of our artists will prefer to tattoo the designs they have pre-drawn.
Depending on what you want done, we may have an artist available to cater to your custom request.

For example, if you would like a word, tiny symbol or fine line piece we may be able to arrange this for you at the minimum charge of $150+.

Ideas we more than likely will not accept on our flash weekend would be large scale and highly detailed pieces that require a lot of design preparation.
We recommend sending us a DM to our Instagram page @tattoogold_ with a photo of your idea you wish to bring along with you to get confirmation if this is a custom request we would take on or not. This will avoid disappointment on the day.

Can I pick more than one of the Artist's "Flash" designs?

Yes, as long as the design is still available and hasn't been tattooed prior, you can reserve as many as you like as long as you have them tattooed at the same time, with the same set-up with the same artist. If you wish to choose 2 designs, and both designs were drawn by 2 different artists, you will be tattooed by the first available artist; then you will be in line or go on the waiting list until your second chosen artist is next available for you. Please ensure you 100% want your chosen designs and have enough Cash for them.

Will there be a queue, and how long will the wait time be?

We expect to have a large turnout for our Flash Weekend Event. We recommend arriving early. We can not guarantee how long you will have to wait in line or for your artist as this will depend on the day. We will do our best to ensure our wait times are as low as possible, but please be patient - Our artists always consider quality over quantity and will not rush the customers prior to you. If there is a long wait time, you will be advised by one of our customer service hosts, and your number may be taken so we can contact you when your chosen artist is available.

Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand
Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Takapuna Tattoo Studio Auckland New Zealand