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Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold Best Tattoo Studio Auckland Takapuna New Zealand


Instagram: @mystiktattoos  E-mail:

Introducing @mystiktattoos 


 UPCOMING GUEST// Mystik is an established black and grey realism and custom lettering artist from Brisbane, Australia and owner of @harpoonandhighwater.


 Aside from his phenomenal talent and expertise, when you meet Mystik you will instantly be taken back by his magical and mystical blue eyes - fortunately for his clients, these help to really see the vision for each task that’s put in front of him. 

He has an eye for detail and an accent that’s music to the ears of anyone that engages into conversation with him. 


 Check out his Instagram and contact him directly if you would like to make an appointment with Mystik during his guest spot dates with us at @tattoogold_ this coming January #auckland #newzealand

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